Friday, April 5, 2013

A day in my diet and exercise

6am- my herbalife tea and aloe! First thing I think about when I wake up!! Lol it gives me the energy I used to get from coffee and the digestion lol how many people drink coffee in the morning to help aid their um bowel movements?? I've been guilty- ew!!!! Love my morning tea for a natural regular morning movements 💚😊

730am- my breakfast! Pills: herbalife multivitamin and it's serving size is cut in 3 so you can digest it more easily, herbalife cell activator, OTC tonalin and OTC fish oil. Herbalife meal replacement shake: put in blender with ice and water. 1/2 naked fruit smoothie: I usually eat a real pierce of fruit like a banana or strawberries or tomatoes or cucumbers (yes! They are a fruit!) but I forgot to buy any fruit so I grabbed this from the gas station in convenience.

11am- a small portion of left over quinoa with tomatoes and onion shoots from last nights dinner with sriacha

1pm- Did 30min cardio, I do strength about 3x a week

2pm- lunch is stir fried pork zucchini jalapeno and cabbage with sriacha of course and pills are herbalife multivitamin, herbalife cell activator, OTC tonalin and OTC fish oil.

5pm- usually I work out but today I had a little girl I used to nanny spend the night so we were busy and it didn't happen tonight!

7pm- ate 550 calorie meal at Applebee's- ate half the steak, all the potatoes and all the broccoli!

8pm- my tablets. Herbalife multivitamin, OTC fish oil and OTC tonalin

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Month 4!

I weighed in at 141.8 today and have been working my ass to do so! Tomorrow I'm going to do a picture documentary style thingy of my diet and exercise on a normal day!

Actually starting to see muscles now! Still working hard towards my goals... I gotta finish big!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

New chapter.

So I'm starting part 2 of my weightloss journey. I lost almost all my weight so now I'm really focusing on toning. My old goal was to be on the chive with my weightloss but my goal was lame lol I have a new goal. I am going to compete in 1 natural bikini contest just to prove to myself that I did this. I accomplished my goal.

Why am I sharing these pictures and my journey? I am sharing this because I want other people to know, yes it's hard but you can do this!! I love having my new healthy body and I did it with herbalife. It helped me change my lifestyle and get back down to my healthy weight. I want to share that with others. I look at pictures on Facebook lol I know I'm not the only chick in the world that got comfortable in her relationship and got fat. I messed up and I needed a swift kick to get my butt in gear. Public humiliation works wonders for me because my self motivation is perdyyyy low lol

So here I am now, starting a new hard weightloss journey so join me! Start yours, feel great and reclaim your energy and your super cute too small now wardrobe lol

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 12

Started a new job with a new schedule so now I'm doing strength 30min on my hour lunch break and I'm really starting to love it!!! I run after work with the puppies or do a workout video for cardio

So yesterday I ran with a friend, Pierce. He is a good runner (my husband used to run with him and he told me that) so I wa excited to have someone push and challenge me. I have been feeling like an invincible beast lately on my runs!!! Well reality check yesterday! I can comfortable run 3 10min miles. Me and pierces first mile was 9min and BOY that threw me!!! I was having trouble breathing and had up walk for admire after the first mile. I never allow myself to walk so this hurt my ego. Side note- my ass and entire body hurt wayyy more today than usual after my runs!!!

Meeting with a personal trainer for my free consultation with anytime fitness tomorrow at lunch and I'm super excited! I have a running list of questions for her do ill relay some of them on here later

My weights been staying 147-148 for the past few weeks and that's frustrating. I can tell my body is changing still so I'm thinking that its muscle gain and fat loss canceling each other out so that is my happy thought that's getting me thru this plateau mentally. Excited and anxious to hear what the personal trainer says about my body tomorrow!!

Week 11?

I don't have much time to update this anymore but I'm updating my fitness Instagram CONSTANTLY!! Follow me there!! Joherbalife

About to go run!! My scale was all on crack and confused so I bought a new one and it finally came in the mail today!! Can't wait to weigh myself- its been a couple weeks!! The pic below was at 4pm today, I ate lunch at 2pm and sit at a desk all day so in pretty damn pleased!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 10- Wednesday

ill post weight and progress pictures on saturday mornings from now on!

started at anytime fitness on tuesday and i will be doing 40min strength workouts in the gym on my lunch break. then come home and do my couch to 5k running application-- its getting sooo much easier!!

i love feeling myself up hahaha its crazy how im starting to really really really have that muscle tone instead of the jiggle wiggle!!

lifes getting crazy busy and honestly this whole fitness, healthy eating thing is getting normal to me. i dont have much to say about it anymore i feel like, im just living day to day in a super healthy manner and it feels awesomely normal and right.

its weird that i dont have to force myself to remember to eat clean or drink a water instead of that vitamin water... just so natural.

anyways- off to a workout with shantel tonight :))) I LOVE OUR WEEKLY WORKOUT DATES! always a good way to talk about my week/struggles and destress with some girl time!

oooo and i made a new instagram that im using ALOT! joherbalife

dont subscribe to it unless you want a butt ton of motivational pictures blowing up your feed ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 9

I plateaued this week BOOO at 147lbs this morning... i started prolessa duo on monday- its a super expensive herbalife products $97 that is supposed to be amazing! they call it liquid lipo... im doing the 30 day supply so ill let yall know if its worth it or not! it tastes awful so im mixing it in a small thing of water so i can chug it before my dinner shake as of now...

i will be starting accounting full time so i will be changing my weekly weigh ins to friday after work and before dinner. i will have a new schedule so i am going to do a breakfast shake, go to the gym during my lunch hour, a lunch shake with prolessa duo and then a healthy dinner with the husband when i get home! im thinking ill do a lil run with the dogs when i get home for their sake but it will be awesome to get a workout in AT WORK so i can just come home and relax!

andrew left at 3am so i didnt get him to take pics this week but i took some myself self-pics so ill post those in a little bit...

Also I finished my 7000 jumping jack challenge and it was brutal!! I did about half jumping jacks and half wacky jacks!